23-27 Sep, 2024: 20th meeting [agenda] in Barcelona, Institute of Space Sciences (ICE-CSIC / IEEC) (Spain).
4-8 Sep, 2023: 19th meeting [agenda] in Graz, Institute of Physics, University of Graz (Austria).
4-10 May, 2022: 18th meeting [agenda] in Bangalore, IIA (India).
17-21 May, 2021: 17th meeting [agenda] in Lausanne, EPFL (Switzerland).
27-31 Jul, 2020: 16th meeting [agenda] in Glasgow, Glasgow University (UK).
12-16 Aug, 2019: 15th meeting [agenda] in Espoo, Aalto University (Finland).
11-15 Jun, 2018: 14th meeting [agenda] in Boulder, University of Colorado (USA).
10-14 Jul, 2017: 13th meeting [agenda] in Newcastle, Newcastle University (UK).
08-12 Aug, 2016: 12th meeting [agenda] in Graz, Space Research Institute, Academy of Sciences (Austria).
11-15 May, 2015: 11th meeting [agenda] in Trondheim, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway).
07-11 Jul, 2014: 10th meeting [agenda] in Göttingen, Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (Germany).
17-20 Jun, 2013: 9th meeting [agenda] in Lund, Lund Observatory (Sweden).
18-21 Jun, 2012: 8th meeting [agenda] in Helsinki, Physics Department (Finland).
24-28 Oct, 2011: 7th meeting [agenda] in Toulouse, Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées (France).
26-30 Jul, 2010: 6th meeting [notes] in New York, American Museum of National History (USA).
24-28 Aug, 2009: 5th meeting [agenda] in Heidelberg, Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (Germany).
19-22 Aug, 2008: 4th meeting [agenda] in Leiden, Leiden Observatory (Netherlands).
14-17 Aug, 2007: 3rd meeting [notes] in Stockholm, Nordita (Sweden).
13-15 Jul, 2006: 2nd meeting [videos] in Copenhagen, Nordita (Denmark).
26-28 Jun, 2005: 1st meeting in Copenhagen, Nordita (Denmark).