Transition to

Important: from the 2nd to the 7th of January 2024 we perform the transfer of our repository to the new domain "". To submit your changes after the 2nd of January, 13:00 CET, please:

Step 1)

If you have already committed changes to the Pencil Code, pick up your prepared account at with your known GitHub username and the email address to which we have sent the notification email with the verification hash. If you are a new user, please register a new account, ideally with the same username as on GitHub.

Step 2)

=> for GIT users

After 2nd of January, 13:00 CET please change the remote URL:
git remote set-url origin
with "USERNAME" being your account login name at

=> for SVN users

Either submit all you changes before 2nd of January, 13:00 CET to GitHub, or transfer the changes between two working copies: one up-to-date checkout from GitHub and one from Let us say you have your old GitHub working copy in "pencil-code-old". Now checkout a fresh working copy from in "pencil-code-new":
svn checkout --username=USERNAME pencil-code-new
with "USERNAME" being your account login name at

Now you can use our transfer script "pc_svn_transfer_changes" to transfer your changes into the new working copy:

cd pencil-code-old
svn up
cd ../pencil-code-new
svn up
cd ..
pencil-code-old/bin/pc_svn_transfer_changes pencil-code-old pencil-code-new
Just this transfer should be finished until 7th of January, 18:00 CET. The check-in of your changes can also be done later.

Step 3)

From now on, submit your changes only to using your login credentials (username and password) from